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The Lawnologist is owned and run by its founders Mark and Lauren Walsh. Having spent many years in front line emergency services, Mark has turned his passion for transforming lawns and gardens into an ethical and thriving business. Mark has been trained and mentored, one to one, by the president of the UK Lawn Care Association of which The Lawnologist is a proud and active member.

Avoiding the use of synthetic fertilisers and damaging chemicals as much as possible and still achieving a lawn of thick, lush, green grass that is weed and moss free is the focus of the business.

Each lawn care program is bespoke and tailored to the lawn rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach that is often and commonly seen in the lawn care industry.

Customer service is just as important to the business and Mark and Lauren take as much pride in building relationships with their customers as they do in giving them a great lawn.

The Lawnologist has invested in the very best machinery and equipment that allows even the largest of lawns to be treated, accurately and precisely with little intrusion and mess. It means a treatment program can be bespoke and tailored to any size lawn, whether it’s a small family lawn or a large lawn belonging to stately home.

The Lawnologist provides bespoke and specialist lawn care in Colchester, Sudbury, Halstead, Ipswich, Suffolk, Essex and surrounding villages paying special attention to every detail of work to ensure the complete satisfaction of each customer.

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