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Eventure was established in 2018, with the aim of offering specialist industry and employer driven qualifications to every learner that comes to us. While we're devoted to providing an excellent standard of instruction, we're also dedicated to maintaining an operational branch that can continue to offer the same high-end security services we've built our reputation on.

Our Training

Our drive and continued success comes from our enhanced on-programme delivery. With the quality of content provided on our courses, each of our students are given far greater potential for their qualifications to translate into significant career progression.

At Eventure, our staff pride themselves not only on their military and commercial experiences but on the success of every student that achieves a positive change in their chosen careers from taking our courses. Our extensive range of qualifications and accredited portfolios range from security and risk management to health & safety and operational departmental management. Our services ensure that you'll leave us with a portfolio that meets not only your needs, but the ever-evolving demands of the security industry.

We care about providing for our students both on and off course. Eventure Security & Logistics offers a ‘training development passport [DTP]’ to each of our learners, which allows us to individually mentor and charter our students during their career transition and beyond. This passport stays with you for your lifetime of learning with Eventure, and operates as a portable CPD document. This means you can successfully charter, plan and document your career plans and success. On top of that, our passport offers course and development discounts to support you through the length of your successful career.

ESL are a values-based training provider. We take our responsibility as a qualified training provider incredibly seriously, and this means valuing every individual student that comes our way. We strive to provide the best possible training on offer. This approach means that we are constantly working to enhance and develop our training to ensure students are getting the most valuable experience available. We've received the Employer Recognition Scheme for our work in providing quality training and support for service leavers in the Armed Forces, and we provide a variety of ELCAS courses to ensure we're doing everything we can to create a better, qualified future for those in resettlement.

Our close protection course is our most popular training choice for learners, and for good reason. Our instructors are all operationally active in close protection and have all the knowledge needed to set any future operatives down the right path.

Our Operations

In the years we've provided our elite calibre of security operations, we've built excellent relationships with a host of clients both national and international. Some of the clients that we've provided security for include:

Foreign Dignitaries
Maritime-based clients
Military and V.I.P. clientele

In many cases following our security operations, clients have requested that we play an active part in training their next security operators. We believe that this reflects highly on Eventure - not only on the quality of physical security we've provided, but on the ethos and standards we uphold in every operation.

At Eventure, we pride ourselves on delivering first rate security and risk mitigation solutions in any environment. Assessing the risk and providing solutions to mitigate risk is at the forefront of our mind, allowing our clients to conduct their business safely and with as little disruption as possible.

Our motto is “Nunquam Perfectus”, meaning “Never Perfect”. We believe that no individual has ever finished training, or has ever finished learning from experience. As such, we treat every day on the job as a learning experience that better improves our services in both training and operation. On top of providing first-rate training to our students, our instructors maintain a vast array of experience and still continue to regularly provide security services for a variety of high-end clients.

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