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Betty & Bertie's Dog Grooming


I am a solo dog groomer working from my home in Braintree, Essex and my mission is 'Making Your Dogs Our Business'!

I am a one-to-one groomer and my aim is provide the most relaxed grooming environment and experience as possible for your dog.

Having worked in public services (both as staff & a volunteer) for a number of years, I couldn't be happier to be providing this service to you and your dogs now and I feel very fortunate in being able to do this.

I am supported by Bertie, a Maltese Terrier x Yorkshire Terrier, who is my CEO & Head of Meet & Greet and together we will make your dog as welcome and comfortable as possible.

I generally only groom 3-4 dogs per day as it is important to me not to rush the grooming process and this also ensures there is plenty of time available for your dogs to have comfort breaks and a little mooch around my garden, weather permitting!

You will be asked to complete a client registration form before your dog's first appointment which provides me with an opportunity to ask lots of questions about them and also provides you with an opportunity to tell me anything and everything that you want me to know about your dog as the more I know about them, the better care I can provide.

When you bring your dog to Betty & Bertie's Dog Grooming you can relax in the knowledge that not only will they be pampered, but they will also have time to relax, play and enjoy some yummy treats!

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